Parts and Warranty

We can’t stress enough that our company focus and philosophy is on making your work easier and your workday happier. We do this by optimizing your application with the best technology and system functionality. We also do this by giving you peace of mind that you’ve made a good investment in Metrohm.

So, in addition to the longest warranty in the industry, we ensure that you’ll get a minimum of 10 great years out of your system before replacement parts & services become an issue. Another industry best!

Thanks to our worry-free spare parts guarantee, we’ll continue to manufacture genuine Metrohm replacement/spare parts for your system for 10 years after its last date of manufacture.

spare_part-newMetrohm AG guarantees a 10 year spare parts availability for all spare parts. This warranty ends 10 years after the product has been withdrawn from the market.



software-support--newIn addition to the 100%-reverse- compatibility from release to release, and the free-of-charge patches for minor releases, Metrohm AG also offers extended user support which applies for 5 years after the sales period of the PC software. This support warranty ends 5 years after the PC software has been withdrawn from the market.

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